Career Development

Training and Development

To establish a team of workforce with high quality and commitment in the long run, the Group has strong emphasis on the training and development of our employees. We provide comprehensive orientation programme for new comers to ensure that they are able to get familiar with corporate history, culture and management system and adapt to the new environment quickly. We also provide a series of management training to enhance the management skill of supervisor and those who are being promoted. Tailored made training will be provided to strengthen the competitiveness of our employees such as selling skills training, team building training, environment protection training, etc.

Selling Skill Training
Decision Making Workshop
Outward Bound Training
Team Building Training
Work Life Balance

We believe that employees with good work life balance can contribute more to the work. The Group organizes different kinds of staff activities to create a relaxing working environment such as staff tour, basketball competition, large-scale festival party and leisure learning classes.

Company Tour
Basketball Competition
Social Dance Class
Chinese calligraphy Class
Company Tour
Fun Fair